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You can Profit from Guest Podcast Interviews!

Getting booked on podcasts is hands down one of the most effective ways to SCALE your business, so you can reach more people, attract more leads, and convert more sales.

It's not about HOW to do it. It's about WHO you know.

Most business owners make the mistake of starting their podcast first. But with 5.5 million podcasts out there, how do you get your podcast stand out? 

You don't. Instead....

You be the guest on ALL of them...well all the ones that are a fit for your niche and expertise. 😉

Whether you're a CEO, founder, coach, podcaster, author, or service-based entrepreneur, you know the power of your story for attracting new customers to your business.

Guest podcasting is the easiest way to establish your expertise, build your authority in your niche, and get visibility for your products and programs,  because you...

Borrow other people's audiences.

If you're already getting booked on podcast interviews, you're ahead of the game, and it's time to double down with the right strategy to LEVERAGE your podcast appearances into sweet, sweet income-generating opportunities for your business.

If you've done podcast interviews but haven't seen an ROI from podcast guesting, then now is the best time to approach it with the right strategy and process to learn how to leverage guest podcasting for your business.

Get Your $100K Profit from Guest Podcasting Plan

Communication Queens was a gamechanger! Before I was trying to do everything myself, but Kimberly gave me the systems both for guest podcasting and to start my own podcast, so I could get my voice out in the world.  

____ Laurin Wittig, "Curiously Wise" Podcast

Podcasts We've Got Our Clients On

And hundreds more...

I can't recommend Kimberly's Communication Queens enough! She takes the anxiety out of the guest podcasting process, by giving step-by-step systems with LOTS of supporting extras. Plus her Queen Team is fun to work with!

____ Amy Birks, Single Mama and StartUp Founders' "Secret Weapon"

We Create Everything, So All You Have to Do is Show Up to the Podcast Interview

Research + Recon

We research the best podcasts for your personalized strategy, and give you all the prospects, leads, and social deets to stay in touch, even after we work together.

Cold Pitch

It may be a cold pitch, but with a 70% open rate for our initial cold pitch process to podcasts, our clients come off lookin' hot 🔥 AF. And get booked.

Relational Pitch

We leverage our existing relationships with over 3,000 podcasts to showcase our new clients as the next BEST guest they should have on their shows.

Press Release

Within 7-days of your enrollment, we kick it off with a joint-press release , getting you international eyes on your business and PR momentum, positioning you perfectly for podcast pitches.

Email + Social 

We give you all the emails and social links to connect with all podcasters we pitch you to, so you can have more points of contact with the podcasters, giving you more visibility.

Branded Story Bio

We convert your bio into a cinematic adventure that showcases your hero's journey, in our signature StoryPitch™ that podcasters love so much, they don't think an agency is pitching!

Media Page

We create your media page on our webpage (hello, SEO backlinks, baby!) to showcase your awesomeness.

One-Sheet Creation

Every podcast guest needs one. We create a sparkling one-sheet that captures a podcast's attention like a Siren song.

Scheduling + Booking

No more time-sucking back-and-forth between podcasters. We handle all the email communication for your podcast interviews.

Podcast Management

Gain access to our transparent production process. You'll be able to see which podcasts are being scheduled, and have been recorded and distributed.

Form Fills

You know how some podcasts they require you to fill out the same answers? Yeah, we do that for you. We compiled a list of 50 top questions, answer them once for us, and we copy and paste the rest.

Tech Support

While podcasting is not super techy, we host weekly onboarding, tech, and support calls for our clients to get support and to get familiar with their Podcast Management Tools.

2-Way "Uber" Rating

We collect reviews both from our clients and podcasters after every podcast to ensure the match was a fit in 8 different categories.

Collect Testimonials

We collect testimonials from podcasters for our clients, so you can leverage them to book more podcast interviews, or paid speaking gigs.

Follow Up Strategy

We provide you with our signature 15-step follow-up process for every podcast with swipe files and email templates to make it a no-brainer that you or your team can complete. (And only takes 8 minutes)

Marketing Deliverables

We provide you with newsletter copy, blog copy, social media posts, audiograms, and reel-style video clips (if it was filmed) for you to leverage your 1-hour interview into repeatable content marketing.

Communication Coaching

Not sure what to say? Want to improve your storytelling skills? We provide our clients with monthly storytelling strategy coaching, teaching NLP, persuasion, and influence.

Voice Coaching

With the NLP trained,30+ year voice over veteran, who has spoken internationally at conventions and for Fortune 500 companies, Spike Spencer. (Yes, there is relation to the boss. HR is working on it.😉)

Profitability Strategy

Ensure your podcast interviews receive an ROI. Through our Podcast Management, we track which podcasts resulted in both impact and income.

Cross Promotion

Expand your reach with an agency that is rooting for you! We love celebrating our clients, and the podcasts who book our clients. So we share your episodes with our email list + social sites too!

#DropthMic Feature

Every Friday, we share one of our client's latest podcast episodes to our fast-growing list of 3000 podcasters, so that you're positioned as an expert guest.

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Read my story  ➝

I believe there is POWER, PROSPERITY, and PROLIFIC POSSIBILITY in your story.

Like I said in my TEDx Talk, "Your life is a testimony for greater possibility...and people are watching" or in a podcast's case...listening.

Sharing your story your superpower to both sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of your services, and it  has the power to SAVE a life. I know. I have. I did. 

Your brand begins with your story.

Your story must be heard.

Guest Podcast Interview Plans

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🦄 The 7-Step Communication Queen Profit from Guestinterview Podcast Processes

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✅ Essential Resources, including checklists, copyable spreadsheets, and non-spammy swipe files



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Per Month + $999 Start Up Fee. Most Popular

🎙️30 Podcast Interviews Booked within 12-Months

💯 Transparent Podcast Booking Trello Board

🗓 Dedicated Talent Manager 

👩🏻‍🔬 Research, Targeting, and Reach out

🎥 Post Interview Promo Material

🥳 Co-Promotion of Your Podcast Interviews

👸🏽 Monthly Group Communication Queen Coaching from Kimberly

🎧 Monthly Group Voice Coaching from Voice Actor, Spike Spencer

🎙 BONUS: Communication Queen Podcast Interview

🚀 Everything in Done-By-You


Done For You


Get 2-Months FREE

🎙️60 Podcast Interviews Booked within 12-Months

💯 Transparent Podcast Booking Trello Board

🗓 Dedicated Talent Manager 

👩🏻‍🔬 Research, Targeting, and Reach out

🎥 Post Interview Promo Material

🥳 Co-Promotion of Your Podcast Interviews

👸🏽 Monthly Group Communication Queen Coaching from Kimberly

🎧 Monthly Group Voice Coaching from Voice Actor, Spike Spencer

🎙 BONUS: Communication Queen Podcast Interview

🥂 10 Personal Podcast Power Partner Intros 

🎤 1-Month FREE Podcast Production with Next Level Podcast Solutions

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