Your voice matters. Playing small is no longer an option in our world. 


Your story has the power to both transform and save lives. 


Your ability to "sell" is just your influence + persuasion skillset, and it's sexy AF.

Revolutionizing the Reign of Your Voice


We believe that your story has the power to create transformation in the world.

We believe that everything you have gone through, every pain you have experienced, and every struggle you have championed, has equipped you to serve someone in a way that we cannot. We will connect you to those who need your guidance to be the person you wish you had when you were going through what you went through.

We believe that it is your authentic expression that is not only magnetic to the right people at the right time but that is NEEDED in the world.

We believe in the power of your voice.

We believe that the most revolutionary act can be connecting one human with another.

We believe in a standard of generosity and an abundance of opportunity to raise the consciousness of our world.

We believe podcasts have the power to do just that.

Brand Awareness is B.S. without Sales.

Our done-for-your services are based on our philosophy that you cannot sustain your IMPACT without INCOME. 

And we're not just talking out our a**. We've put our system + strategy through the wringer.

Our founder put our strategy to the test, generating $110K for her Crown Yourself coaching business from less than 80 podcast interviews in 12 months. 


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Wait...$170,000 from Podcast Interviews?

Yep. And You Can Too.

Before 2020, Kimberly's main (and most profitable) source of lead generation in her coaching business - LIVE EVENTS - went completely caput.

Stranded + stuck in Australia with her family to support, she had to find a way to bring in NEW business - FAST. 

While her own podcast was doing well for building our community, it wasn’t converting new leads. Plus, our Queen Team was out all the costs of editing, distribution, operations, and marketing...which added up! *Ca-ching!* 

CUE: Guesting on Other People’s Podcasts.

In 12 months and in less than 80 interviews, we generated over $70,000 in NEW business for Crown Yourself Coaching! Now we've done over $170,000 DIRECTLY from podcast guesting alone.

The best part was Kimberly got to live in her "Zone of Genius" making marketing + sales fun, just by sharing her story! Because we had crafted the right systems + strategy, so all she had to do was SHOW UP to the interview. And, since this hot mama wasn’t spending all her precious time on content creation she had MORE TIME to spend with my family!

So much more time...they made another baby. 🤪 

...And started a second business: Communication Queens.

Now, we replicate that same success strategy + system to help more service-based entrepreneurs leverage the power of podcast guesting.

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"I booked my first 3 podcasts from this program alone."

Angel Hiles, Phd.

"I booked my first podcast even before I had ordered my microphone! They also gave me everything I needed to start my own podcast."

Laurin Wittig

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