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Kashif Khan

Founder, The DNA Company

Decoding Your Children's Genetic Blueprint

Patrick Francey

Global Top 100 Podcaster in Entrepreneurship

Creating S.I.M.P.L.E. success strategies for everyday business owners.

Megan Camille

Psychic + Intuitive Business Consultant for 7-Figure CEOs

From sex-trafficked teen to millionaire business mama of 5

Stuart Morris, JP, FRSA

Neurodivergent 4X CEO

From #1 in his industry in the world, this autistic aviator is setting course to create a one-in-a-million life.

Ashley Chamberlain

Domestic Violence Survivor Bringing Bookkeeping for Good

Cutting out the chaos of your bottom line, so your biz can thrive.

Rich Magallenes

Executive Producer @ Nickelodeon

Animating leaders of the Future one Rainbow Kitty at a Time

Dr. Tiffany Smith

Integrative + Functional Psychiatric Medical Nurse Practitioner

Rooting you into the root causes to heal mind + body

Sarah Vedeler

2X CEO, Meaning of Life Designs + Meaning of Life Center

Igniting creativity + heart into machine embroidery appliqué

Kimberly Spencer

2X CEO, Crown Yourself + Communication Queens

Transforming subconscious stories for visionary leaders

Kalpashtree Gupta

CEO, Knext Consulting

Fractional C.P.O. + Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

Mary Beth MacKenzie

Certified Arborist + Grief Artist

Built a million-dollar tree business & discovered grief is like trees

Spike Spencer

Voice Actor + Coach

Animating self-improvement to transform your relationships

Our Past Clients

We may not be actively booking them for podcasts, but they still have podcast interview's we've booked coming out, so you best be dang sure we're promoting the heck out of these amazing Queens! 

Dana Oatis

CEO, Key Interior Services

 Single-mother who built a multi-millionaire construction-company

Kala Maxym

CEO, Five Senses Tastings Events

Helping Fortune 100 companies wine-down with sensory wellness

Amy Birks

Business Strategist + Author

Taking the "busy" out of business + turning hustle to heart